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Sauna & Steam WA - Saunas
Enjoy your own refuge from the stresses of life by having your own personal sauna. We offer a range of bathing options to help you relax with family and friends.
We offer a complete range of sauna equipment and accessories to complement our saunas for domestic or commercial needs.

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Sauna & Steam WA - Steam Rooms
Unwind amid clouds of steam in the modern successors to the magnificent bathing houses of Ancient Rome.
The gentle heat & 100% humidity relax your body, easing muscles and soothing away the cares of the day.
At the same time the steam cleans every pore, leaving your skin soft and smooth. There is no better way to feel rejuvenated, refreshed & reborn than after a steam bath.

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Tylo Sauna Heaters
Tylo Sauna Heaters & Steam GeneratorsExclusive in Western Australia to Sauna & Steam WA, Tylo heaters have been the pinnacle of sauna technology over the years.
Tylo classic models excel over other brands in one crucial area after the other.
You only have to look at the design, the precision and the quality of the finish to see that.

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Who We Are

  • A & L Sauna & Steam WA are based in Perth and we service the whole of Western Australia.
  • We have over 25 years sauna and steam industry experience in Western Australia.
  • Over 40 Year carpentry and building experience in Australasia
  • Affiliated with Sauna & Steam Australia.

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