customised sauna and steam

Sauna Heaters

We have a large range of electric sauna heaters so we can provide the most suitable unit for your use.

Units range from Compact through to Mega Super 10Kw units for home use and a full range of commercial heaters and controls.
Traditional wood burning heaters and chimney kits and also available.

Tylo heaters are the pinnacle of sauna technology with fully programmable and energy saving controls.

The traditional sauna heater creates a high room temperature with very low humidity.

Popular Sauna Heaters include:

Tylo "SPORT" Sauna Heater
The TYLO "SPORT" sauna heater is a popular domestic heater. This heater has the timer and thermostat controls on the unit, allowing easy and convenient temperature and operating time selection.

Heat-up time is about 20 minutes and a large stone compartment allows you to ladle ample water onto the rocks.

MPE6 or 8 with separate control panel
The temperature control panel on these popular models is separate so it can be mounted either inside or outside the sauna. This is an ideal option for allowing specialised or adult control of the Sauna room temperature and time.

Like the 'Sport' model, heat-up time is about 20 minutes and a large stone compartment allows you to ladle ample water onto the rocks.

COMBI Steam Sauna Heater

The Combi steam/sauna heater is the new experience in sauna bathing. The Combi has a steam tank integrated into a traditional sauna unit. This heater features electronic controls allowing you to select the temperature and the humidity of your choice.

With a Combi, you can create the softness of clouds of humidity in your sauna room or with the click of a switch revert to a traditional sauna and those very high temperatures and low humidity. The choice is yours.

Steam Generators
Tylo steam generators have proven reliability. The generator can be positioned out of sight while the compact electronic control sets the temperature and the time of operation.

The steam flows into the steam room within a few minutes of start up. The size of the steam room determines the output of the generator. We have VB models for small to medium size private steam rooms and steam showers while the VA models service the larger domestic and commercial situations.


We supply a large range of products, accessories and spare parts for your sauna and steam room requirements including:
  • Traditional Buckets and Ladles
  • Thermometers
  • Hygrometers
  • Sauna Lights that Withstand the High Temperatures - Including LED and Fibre Optic
  • Steam Room Lights that are Safe and Steam Proof - Including Rotating Coloured Fibre Optic
  • Sauna Fragrances that Add an Aromatherapy Experience to Sauna & Steam Bathing, with Tylo Fragrance Dispensers
  • Moulded Seating
  • Spare Parts
We also supply all heaters, sauna stones, sauna doors, heater guards, accessories and vents etc for those wishing to construct their own sauna. Our advice is also free and guaranteed to help you create a better sauna.

We provide warranties on all TYLO equipment. We also provide a full back up service to give you peace of mind.
To find out more about any sauna and steam room accessories, equipment, spare parts or service requirements, call us on 0417 995 950 or send an email.