customised sauna and steam


Relax and cleanse in a Steam Room
How better to pamper yourself than by stepping into the warmth and caressing embrace of steam.
Steam rooms are renowned for their benefits in relieving muscle tension, clearing congestion and rejuvenating the skin.

Unlike the dry heat of a Sauna, the Steam room provides warmth and constant humidity in a relaxing environment therefore enabling you to enjoy a more gentle bathing experience.

Usually constructed of metal sheeting, glass or tiles these modern 'Roman Baths' are a pleasurable steam experience.

Commercial and Residential Steam Rooms
Sauna and Steam WA is a leading provider of quality Steam rooms for both commercial and private buildings.
We provide a quality custom designed and built Steam room.

Our expert service will help you obtain the best possible solution to your needs. In doing so, we are available to liaise with architects, engineers, builders as well as plumbing and electrical contractors. We will discuss usage requirements and details such as seats, windows, doors and lighting.
We supply Tylo Steam generators and equipment therefore we bring the quality Swedish design elements of Tylo together with our Australian building experience to provide the best options available to you. We now have available a prefabricated moulded seating system – Wedi- enabling a true bathhouse experience.

Hamam (Turkish Baths)
Total Relaxation & Cleanliness
A Turkish Bath's ritual is an exploration of heating, cooling and cleansing the body, promoting a sense of relaxation and a clear mind.
A new experience to Australia, we create beautiful and elegant rooms using the methods of Hamam style bathing. These methods ensure a feeling of exhilaration, euphoria, total relaxation and absolute cleanliness.

We also supply steam equipment to suit your custom-built hamam.

Steam Showers
Ideal for Compact Spaces
If you're short on space but would like the benefits of a steam room, a steam shower is the perfect solution. Steam showers are a pleasurable, relaxing way to start or finish the day.

A steam shower can be installed in the shower area of your bathroom, and can be used as your daily shower.
Steam shower rooms require a small steam generator with steam control attached. When you feel like steam it's there in an instant.

Installing a Steam Room
If you're thinking about installing a steam room, remember that it requires plumbing and floor waste. This is best organised at the time of construction or renovation. Sauna & Steam WA can assist you with all the practical aspects of steam room installation.

To find out about our free, no-obligation quote or for more information about our premium steam rooms, generators and steam showers,
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